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Switching To Ryzen For A Month

After completing our Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 reviews, we built a rig as a content creation workstation. We did this in conjunction with the In Win 509 and MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon reviews but I basically stopped using the X99/i7-5930K for a month and used the more cost effective Ryzen 7 1700 alternative instead.

Reviewed: MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon

Ryzen is here and we've seen the number of AMD boards on the market increase exponentially with the new AM4 socket. Selecting one for your next AMD system is an important decision because the socket is likely to stick around for a while which means that you could be entering into a long-term relationship. MSI hasn't made selection easy with a massive choice of AM4 boards but we found the enthusiast gamer's sweet spot with the X370 Gaming Pro Carbon.

Reviewed: In Win 509 E-ATX Chassis

In Win impressed us with the 303 case, combining unconventional airflow with unique aesthetic design, high build quality and a very reasonable price. When we had the opportunity to check out the larger In Win 509 E-ATX chassis we could see a new home for our Ryzen Test Platform.

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