Fallout: Nuka Break Fan-Made TV Series

OK, I've just seen this.

A small-time production company: Wayside Creations, have come up with a "fan-made" TV series set in the Fallout universe. The series contains one season with 5 episodes + 1 film. Following the release of Fallout: New Vegas, Nuka Break was released in August, 2011 and features 3 main characters, all whom share a relevance to somewhere/someone in Fallout. A vault dweller (from Vault #10); a Ghoul and a slave freed from New Vegas. 

Considering Wayside Creations are a non-for-profit organisation, they've done an amazing job.

Check out Episode One:


The full series & Nuka Break Home Page: HERE

IMDB Nuka Break Page: HERE

Season 2 Funding on Kickstarter: HERE (or click on the widget below.)

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