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When you look at the performance and the cost, the ASUS RX460 STRIX delivers a good gaming experience for the asking price. The cooler is Premium-grade and there is nothing 'cheap' about the product. This testing experience has raised the bar considerably on what gamers can expect from entry-level graphics cards.


When you look at the testing results, specifically the game-play instead of the synthetic benchmarks, it's pretty clear that if you game in the 1920x1080 resolution and don't want to drop more than $250 on a card, the RX460 could very well be the answer to your prayers. This card is also great for casual gamers, people looking to upgrade from integrated graphics or perhaps students who use their PC to study, watch movies and are looking to have the option of gaming. 

Final Thoughts

Whilst not packing the same sort of gaming grunt that I'm used to seeing and on the back of some serious testing with the GTX 1080 and RX480, I noticed the change of pace. When using the RX460 STRIX, I made a point of not gaming on anything else for about 3 weeks and adjusted the graphics options in my games to give me as close to 60FPS as I could get with a 1920x1080 resolution on a FreeSync display. For the most part, the experience was very good and I only found some of the more demanding titles losing their shine.

During this testing I also adjusted my preference of gaming titles to eSports and budget titles, really getting back into Black Ops II, CS:GO, Starcraft II, Doom and a bit of Battlefield 4. All of these played fine and I couldn't complain about my stats.

The Division was playable at the medium pre-set but there were slow downs from time to time that reminded me of what I had running under the hood. Generally speaking it was ok but the drop in quality from ultra to medium combined with the frame rate drops in heavy action put the RX460 GPU in its place.

One of my biggest surprises came when playing Fallout 4 in that it was very stable and solid at High settings without any mods installed. As a game, I really enjoy the Fallout 4 experience and found that I was able to get immersed in the game, exploring and levelling up - completely focused on the game without any performance issues from a lower end graphics card detracting from the experience.

The aesthetics and features of the ASUS RX460 present the capable RX460 GPU in the best light possible. ASUS has squeezed that little bit extra performance out from AMDs new RX460 while dressing the card up to make it a true 'premium' version. Do your research, think about what you play and if the RX460 has all the grunt you need, the ASUS STRIX edition is a safe bet.

We can't recall seeing a sub $250 card looking so good.





Great value with premium features
Aura Lighting
Whisper quiet
Good performance at 1080p


Not really a 'Con' but there will be some games that just don't scale down to the power of this GPU well - even at 'low' settings


HighlyRecommended TheValueAwardTheSilenceAward

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