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General Gameplay

When testing the AMD RX460 in general gameplay, we had both FRAPS and any in-game frame counters running so we could see the frame rate for reference when needed but also to note any material variations. The methodology is to play the game and note the typical FPS, any rendering issues, look for stutter and also keep an eye out for imperfections around colour or missing textures that impede the immersion.

These tests are subjective, less reproducible and much more prone to variation so the results are not compared to other cards. This is a good representation of my experience with the review sample and what you should expect if you went out and bought this card.

All observations were made on the test system used for benchmarks connected via DisplayPort and running at a resolution of 1920x1080/144Hz unless specifically noted in the comments.


The Division

We had to settle for 'Medium' Settings with V-Sync turned off. The reduction in quality and occasional stutters when things got really busy did impact the ambience a bit but the game was playable and we did manage to complete a few missions without finding the performance of the ASUS RX460 STRIX a constraint. At medium settings, the frame rate was around or just below 50FPS at 1080p which is a great result for an entry level card.

COD: Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 is a fun but very competitive title that is still quite popular despite its age. We consistently saw 120-125FPS @ 1080p with all settings maxed out. The gameplay felt really smooth and crisp - perfect for competitive play.

When we increased the resolution to 1440p, the frame rate dropped to 65-85FPS with higher variation but still in a very playable range.

Battlefield 4

The RX460 Strix was never going to play BF4 set to Ultra. Typical frame rates were between 48-58 FPS on High settings and 65-70FPS on medium.  

(Not special Edition)

1080p gameplay at ultra settings was solid at 42-60 FPS in this older but still very enjoyable title. For a gamer on a budget, the RX460 and Skyrim make a good pair.

Elite : Dangerous

Gameplay was completely addictive and smooth here giving us 70-75FPS at the 1080p resolution. This title is another one that can incur a lot of lost hours once you really get into it.

Fallout 4

This was a bit of a surprise - in a good way. The experience of playing Fallout 4 at high settings saw a result of 45-60FPS with the rate sitting at a typical 50FPS. Not awesome but still pretty good for entry level. 

At medium settings, the performance was a solid 60FPS and after getting a little distracted during testing, the reduced quality wasn't an issue and I could have spent another couple of days wandering the wastelands with the RX460.

Civilization V

As a turn based game, FPS is less important and we were pleased with the 45-50FPS at 1440p in that it was playable.

At 1080p, the performance was much better, delivering an indicative frame rate of 77FPS


Now we're talking. This is what the RX460 was made to do, deliver eSports gaming without a prohibitive price tag.

CS:GO performance at 1080p was typically in the 120-140FPS but it did go up to 177 in our testing.

Performance at 1440p was 60-75 with a high point of 90.

Starcraft 2

We can't complain about a steady 75FPS with maximum settings at 1080p.

The only limitation here was how rusty we were with this title.


The original shaped many a gamer and is an undisputed classic title. The remake captured the spirit of the balls-to-the-wall shooter genre perfectly and will also be a classic in time.

The ASUS RX460 STRIX allowed us to enjoy this without compromise. We experienced a solid 60FPS with the settings at ultra on our 1080p testing using the Vulkan API. 

World of Warships

Another competitive eSports title that the RX460 caters for at 1080p. The indicative frame rate was 75FPS with settings at their maximum. This dropped to 45FPS with a resolution bump to 1440p.

All up, at 1080p the RX460 delivered enough performance for one of us to top score in 3 games so it certainly wasn't holding us back.


This is an interesting one, CRYSIS 3 is regularly on sale or affordable and it is a lot of fun to play so it is likely to be in the library of a casual gamer.

The challenge is that the terrain and graphical intensity change throughout the storyline. 1080p with high settings was a typical frame rate of 40FPS but this really improved to around 60 at the medium pre-set. The tricky part is that the 60 did have dips depending on the area we played in.

The Sims 3

An oldie, but a goodie. 1080p performance was 90-110FPS and 1440p performance was 75-81 as a typical range. 

For an entry level or casual gamer, this would also be a title we'd expect to encounter and the RX460 handles it well.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Whilst we saw performance in the range of 55-85FPS, the typical experience was really 55-60 with high settings which is still pretty good at 1080p.

It's performance like this that shows the value of the RX460. 


We were pleased with the 135FPS we saw at 1080 with everything set to max and also pretty satisfied with the 70-75FPS we got at 1440p with the RX460

When running the ASUS RX460 STRIX through its paces, I considered the gamer that would buy this and what they would likely want to play on it. As a budget card, this is impressive and it punches above its weight division - especially in DX12 compared to the previous generation of NVIDIA and AMD Radeon GPUs.

The acoustic profile of the STRIX cooler was also very impressive and I had to keep looking at the fans to see if they were spinning. I'd consider this card basically silent inside a case when gaming. Our test setup was housed in the Fractal Design Define R5 with quiet fans and noise dampening material but even with the side panel removed, the graphics card was inaudible. 

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