Reviewed: ASUS RX460 STRIX - Benchmark Results Featured

Test Methods

Benchmark testing where we use a scripted or specific benchmark utility that has no user interaction other than setting the graphics properties and hitting 'start'. The utility then gives us a report of the relevant statistics.

We also only graph the average frame rates as minimum and maximum frame rates can be misleading.

The following tests were all reproducible or scripted or in-game benchmarks that are consistently executed without human intervention.

Futuremark Firestrike

We've moved on from the older 3DMark11 benchmarks that still hold relevance for some but the latest benchmarking tests from Futuremark give modern day GPUs a serious belting at the extreme, high end and mid-low end levels. 

In these synthetic benchmarks, we see the RX460 STRIX come in dead last but this is an entry level card competing with the upper to mid-range of today and the previous generation.

Firestrike Ultra

Firestrike Ultra is first up and gives a good indication of how '4K-ready' a GPU is.


Firestrike Extreme

Next up Firestrike Extreme is geared to test 2560x1440 gaming capability



Firestrike gives an indication of performance at 1080p



We tested SkyDiver in the interests of completeness but the result is aimed at low end graphics platforms. 


Unigine Heaven 

Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 Basic is one of the programs that we run to temperature test the cards and we also do a benchmark run during the process. 


Futuremark TimeSpy (DX12) 

This benchmark taxes graphics cards to see how well they handle the load of DX12.


Despite the low score compared to the other cards in the line-up, the RX460 is an entry level GPU, it doesn't use much power, generate much heat and in the case of the ASUS STRIX edition, it's basically silent. In some of the synthetic benchmarks, the RX460 is much closer to the GTX 960 of the previous generation than we were expecting.

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